Medical marijuana in Ottawa is cheaper by mail

A University of Ottawa student dropped into a marijuana shop on Rideau Street this week to buy some weed to help with her insomnia.

She considered the dried bud on display in jars at Life Line Medicinals, and asked to see a variety called Girl Scout Cookies. The clerk opened the jar and she gave it a sniff. “Do you mind if I touch?” she inquired. Sure, he said.

The clerk dipped his hands into the jar, scooped weed into a plastic cup and weighed it on a scale before popping it into a Ziploc bag for her.

The bud at Life Line sells for between $10 and $14 a gram, typical for Ottawa’s illegal pot shops.

If the student had obtained a doctor’s prescription and made her purchase from Tweed Inc., the legal medical marijuana grower in Smiths Falls, she would have paid an average of $8.75 a gram.

If she had strolled down Rideau and found a street dealer, she probably would have paid around $9.

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December 9, 2016
  1. Mammyblu said on May 15, 2017 11:04 pm:

    I think sites like this are long overdue. We have an ever growing population of seniors and along with that, numerous body conditions that can and do cause a lot of pain. I, myself have knee pain so bad I can hardly walk and I don’t like taking pills because they affect vital organs and in the long run don’t help. I have been doing weed since I was in my teens and at age 72, I am very grateful that we have this wonderful plant.