Cannabis Clubs Canada

  • 4135 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2W 1Y7, Canada
  • 514-521-8764

Medical Marijuana Dispensary;Local DeliveryMedical Marijuana Dispensary;Local Delivery

  • 826 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1N3, Canada
  • 250-381-4220

Dispensary, ADA

  • 849 Fort Street Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1H6
  • distance: 12,387 Kilometers
  • 2505905299


  • 405 Tranquille Road, Kamloops, BC V2B 3G9, Canada
  • 1-778-470-5858

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  • 4153 Fraser St Vancouver
  • 7789895323

We providing high-quality cannabis in a safe environment for all our patients at a low cost and we offer all different types of strains for many symptoms.

  • 5359 Dundas Street West #401, Etobicoke, ON M9B 1B1, Canada
  • 1-877-780-6337


  • v5n4b6
  • 604-558-2454

Cannaclinics is Canada's leading provider of medical cannabis products and accessories. We are committed to providing safe access to high-quality medical marijuana for all of

  • 1980 Queen St E #200, Toronto, ON M4L 1J2
  • distance: 9,149 Kilometers
  • (416) 274-7108

Welcome to Beach Buzz, a cannabis friendly Vapour Lounge & Social Club located in The Beach neighbourhood of Toronto. This warm and friendly lounge o

  • 204 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON
  • distance: 9,157 Kilometers
  • 1 647-308-7845

Toronto’s first pot positive joint, Hotbox Cafe is a place where stoners can come and relax with a bit of wacky tobbacky. We believe in the normalization of cannabis, come

  • 866-337-7705


  • 301 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 1H6
  • distance: 12,328 Kilometers
  • 1 604-682-8955

The New Amsterdam Cafe was established in 2000 in the heart of Vancouver’s “Pot Block”. We never could have imagined the Cafe growing into what it is today, and are proud of

  • 848 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1M2, Canada
  • distance: 9,159 Kilometers
  • (647) 352-0420

We are Queens of Cannabis; a holistic healing center and dispensary located in Toronto’s Bloorcourt neighborhood.  Our mission is to provide education, tools and resources

  • 3004b 31 St, Vernon, BC V1T 5H7, Canada
  • distance: 12,032 Kilometers
  • 18442665831

Although it is now legal to purchase medical cannabis online, not every dispensary is unique. Most of the online shops do not take the time to solve important questions, and they o

  • 1581 Hillside Avenue #176, Victoria, BC V8T 2C1, Canada
  • 1-888-908-9028

Welcome To Natural Order Health Services Plain and simple, we care. We take the time to get to know our clients and find out about their individual needs. We realize that every per

  • 37768 2nd ave
  • distance: 9,484 Kilometers
  • 604.892.9699

99 North is committed to providing medicinal cannabis to patients who need a safe and friendly space to discuss their medicine. Research has shown that cannabis can alleviate sy

  • 3747 W 10th Ave, Vancouver
  • distance: 12,334 Kilometers
  • 1-604-568-9337

Eden Medicinal Society, a Vancouver organization, is committed to providing medical cannabis to patients who need a safe and friendly source. Eden Medicinal Society, a Vancouver or

  • 258 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P5, Canada
  • 1-604-877-0211

Cannabis Clinics, Dispensary, ATM, ADA

  • 1-844-5WE-LEAF (1-844-593-5323)

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US Conveniently located in Toronto’s downtown core, We Leaf is a medicinal cannabis dispensary serving patients across Canada and throughout the Grea

  • 6636 Fraser Street, Vancouver, BC V5X 3T5, Canada
  • 1-604-420-5559

Dispensary, ATM, ADA, Delivery

  • 115 A Chapel Street Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5H3
  • distance: 12,388 Kilometers
  • 250-591-1025

ISLAND RELEAF is dedicated to providing a safe source of cannabis and other derivatives to clients in a private and respectful environment. We also add to the knowledge and underst

  • 1290 E 12th Ave Vancouver British Columbia V5T 2J9 Canada
  • distance: 12,327 Kilometers
  • 604-558-3229

MMJ is one of the leading and most credible medical cannabis clinics in the lower mainland. When it comes to medical marijuana and prescription cannabinoids,

  • 2908 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4C9, Canada
  • 1-604-336-4740

Cannabis Clinics

  • #206 1540 W 2nd Ave Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2
  • distance: 12,331 Kilometers
  • (778) 379-6008

Our dispensary exists to bridge the gap between those who are curious about medical cannabis and those who are expert in the field. What we realize is that there is a wealth of inf

  • Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z9, Canada
  • 1-416-923-355

Vapor Central (a.k.a. Vapour Central) is THE (largest, coolest, greatest, original, ground-breaking, amazing, etc.) Toronto Vapor Lounge (a.k.a. Vapour Lounge a.k.a Vape Lounge). W

  • 231 Abbott St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2K7
  • distance: 12,328 Kilometers
  • +1 604-559-9444

REDMED is Vancouver's premiere medical marijuana dispensary! Our mission is to provide patients with the best experience possible in obtaining their medication. To gain membe

  • 1814 Vancouver Street #102, Victoria, BC V8T 5E3, Canada
  • 1-877-891-1331

We are now open and ready to serve those in need of high quality medical grade cannabis, free of mold and mildew. Our goal is to be the most professional reta With more health care

  • 4510 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4N7, Canada
  • 1-778-588-1888

Dispensary, ATM, Credit Cards, DeliveryCannabis Clinics

  • 369 Columbia St Vancouver, BC Canada V6A 4J1
  • distance: 12,328 Kilometers
  • (604)428-FARM

FARM DISPENSARY IS GASTOWN'S NEWEST COMMUNITY-ORIENTED SHOP LOCATED AT 369 COLUMBIA STREET. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff embrace the community based model of medi