MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Aug 16 – 22

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Blaze reviews CBD Kush by RedeCan Pharm:

I chose RedeCan Pharm because of their variety of strains, price point, and the fact that they use greenhouses instead of grow lights.
I received my shipment quickly after ordering over the phone. I was told to expect online ordering in the near future.
Upon opening all 3 of the strains that I ordered, I was immediately struck by the ‘outdoorsiness’ of the smell. Very fresh, but perfectly cured. Memories shot back to a first outdoor grow of mine years ago.
Upon inspection it is clear that the professionals at RedeCan really know their stuff. Dry and with little stickiness, the CBD Kush buds weren’t very dense but busted nicely. Due to the lower THC you had to look closely to see the small trichomes. Red hairs mingled with more bright green leaves than the other strains from RedeCan .
I always make a raw king-size slim paper… about 1g with a long filter. The first hits were smooth and clean. I love knowing that there are no heavy metals, pesticides or other things in my smoke. There was no rush to the face, or light-headedness, but rather a calm and focused sensation. I was able to hold conversations, read documents for work, remain collected and on task; an almost sobering experience. In fact, when I had too much OG Kush, a few volcano bags of this was like lifting the heavy OG curtain of stoniness off my shoulders.
The initial effects were followed by a spark of appetite.
This was my first CBD strain and I am looking forward to exploring this cannabinoid further. I like the focus of a low THC strain, also the induction of appetite without the ridiculousness of the psychoactive effects of THC allow you to make smart food decisions.
I’ll try this one in the morning because it barely makes your eyes red and you can ‘ghost’ your way through the day while enjoying the medicinal benefits.
Give some to your mom.

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zig63 reviews Penelope by Tweed:

I had been waiting patiently for Tweed’s Penelope (aka CBD Skunk Haze) to become available again and was really happy when I saw it in the shop. It was one of the high CBD strains I definitely wanted to try out but unfortunately it had promptly sold out just about the time I registered with Tweed as my LP! This time I ordered 10 grams as soon as I could so I wouldn’t miss out. I have tried a number of Tweed’s CBD rich strains and none have been “just right” for daytime use for me. Penelope has hit the mark just perfectly :o)

Now about Penelope…

Ordering online at Tweed is a breeze and my order arrived quickly (2 days) in the usual discreet package. When I opened the seal on the bottle I was expecting the pungent skunky smell as the name would suggest, but this was not the case. The smell is very pleasant – sweet and fruity with a peppery undertone (all marijuana strains smell more or less peppery to me, I don’t know why). I cannot quite put my finger on which fruit, but sort of cross between peach and some sort of berries. The nugs were almost all a good size, dense, with good frosting and covered in orange trichomes. They were cured very nicely, still sticky but not too moist…actually just right. They ground up beautifully. The taste is hard to describe, sort of classically herbal, yeasty and sweet (again no skunk). I vape my medicine using a PAX and it is very tasty, smooth and easy on the lungs. There are certain strains (like UK Cheese) that make me feel like…. “just make the medicine go down” cough, cough.. lol.

I use medical marijuana to manage chronic pain and help me sleep. So many strains I’ve tried make me feel too sleepy, spacey, heavy limbed or stoned, thus problematic for daytime use at work. I want a daytime strain that leaves me clear headed and functional, yet has good pain relieving properties. Penelope is definitely a perfect daytime strain for me and I hope Tweed keeps it in stock at all times, maybe making it one of their “Flagship Strains.”

Great job Tweed…Penelope is a WINNER!!

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orcam reviews OGI AK-47 by OrganiGram:

This strain was a surprise for me. Despite the lower THC content compared to some others available from Organigram, this strain was a mild, but long lasting high that left me functional, but happy and creative.

The buds smelled strong, and smelled was mostly earthy and sweet. The taste was similar, and reminded me of the Organigram’s Nepali Diesel. The buds were very dry, and almost crumbled at the touch. Because of this I expected the smoke to be harsh. To smoke this strain however was much smoother than I expected. The dry buds did end up leaving a lot of “shake” at the bottom of my bottle, however.

The duration of this strain was impressive. I could easily continue to feel this strain for 4+ hours, which is more than I could say for other, similar strains. The high from this strain was mild, which was great for leaving me happy, creative and relaxed.

I am very impressed with this strain, and it will be on my order list from now on, as it was great for treating my symptoms.

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