Voting has Opened for the 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards

September 1, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

The 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards have begun! Visit to cast your vote and help highlight the leaders in Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

When we put together the inaugural Canadian Cannabis Awards (CCAs) this time last year, we didn’t quite know what to expect. We knew that we wanted to provide a way for patients to collectively recognize those companies that were doing great things in the industry – but beyond that, we weren’t sure how the awards would turn out or what the overall interest would be.  To further complicate matters, we didn’t want to restrict the awards to just MMPR licensed producers and strains because (let’s be honest) that program was (and still is) quite new, and many patients  have historically purchased from other places like dispensaries. And we wanted the awards to be about the patients, not necessarily about one system of access. So we enabled patients to vote no matter if they were currently purchasing from LPs or dispensaries.

We didn’t quite know how it would all turn out, but to our surprise things turned out well. Better than expected. Dispensaries, licensed producers, smoke shops, clinics; they all saw value in what we were trying to do and supported us by asking their patients and customers to get out and vote (You can see last year’s winners here).

As the industry has grown tremendously over the past 12 months, so has Lift. As such, we expect an even greater level of interest this year. Especially within the MMPR, we think medical cannabis users across the country have had a good chance to experience different producers and strains and will be able to effectively highlight those they feel are the best. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s about: elevating those who are doing great things, in the hopes that it will push all companies to improve themselves and strive for something greater.

Last year, we had a special Canadian Cannabis Crusader award, handed out to an individual who has made significant contributions to the progression of cannabis knowledge, access, research, or acceptance. John Conroy was last year’s winner.  This year’s nominees are Owen Smith, who recently won a Supreme Court of Canada decision that made medical cannabis legal in all forms; Mandy McKnight, the mother of a child suffering from Dravet Syndrome who has campaigned for greater access to cannabis oils and other derivatives for children suffering from seizures; Jamie Shaw, a longtime Vancouver-based activist who has worked relentlessly to support medical cannabis dispensaries and provide policy recommendations to the media, government officials, health practitioners, and educators; and Jonathan Zaid, the Waterloo, ON student and patient-rights advocate who successfully fought for and received insurance coverage for his medical marijuana. To read more about each nominee, click here.

It’s important that we recognize the individuals who continue to fight for greater access and acceptance of medical cannabis in Canada. It’s been a long road to get where we are, and it feels like we’re almost there – but we’re not there yet. We need good people to keep pushing forward.

So why don’t you go ahead and vote now:

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