MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Aug 30 – Sep 5

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Blaze reviews God Kush by Broken Coast Cannabis:

I chose Broken Coast due to their ‘small batch, high quality’ motto. I liked the idea of individual strain rooms and a fully hydroponic system all watched over by a small staff. Their prices are average, but their product is AAA+.
My package arrived on a Thursday, after ordering the Friday before. It was coming from Victoria Island, and I’m in Southern Ontario, so not bad, but not fast either. Packaging was discreet from the letter carrier and very classy once unboxed.
My 5g jar of Lasqueti (God Kush) came as five beautiful and compact buds. As you can see from the photos, these been some of the smallest, but most eye-pleasing flowers that I’ve reviewed. The dark purple (almost masked by the dusty trichomes, mingled with hints of bright green bits as well as red hairs) doesn’t truly show up until you bust it. When you grind up one of these little works of art you’ll be rewarded with much more sugary fluff than you would think logically possible, so go small to start. For such a small bud it is very dense. I roll it with blended with a very small amount of drum tobacco in order to have a consistent burn, otherwise this very sticky weed would make joints which would demand more relighting. I’d recommend a vape or a bong if you’re not proud of your rolling skills.
The flavour reflected the purple colour with a grapey-musk smoke that burned long and slow.
The high wasn’t what I was expecting. I was thinking that I would have a heavy kush blanket dropped over my head and shoulders, and just want to stick to a couch. However, I sat comfortably upright, paused my show, closed my laptop and looked up at the stars. I found myself drifting off into thoughts and ideas I hadn’t explored in a long time; ideas about life, memories, what we strive for, and what we’ll look back on in regret. An hour an a half came and went. All the while I had a blissful smile, and a positivity that carried me through the rest of my thoughts. I felt happy approaching new ideas and situations and nothing seemed daunting or even that important other than my family, friends, and the safety and comfort of everyone.
This is an experience that I’d recommend for anyone experiencing anxiety or depression. Perhaps anyone looking for something to enhance yoga or meditation would enjoy the ‘spiritual’ sides of this strain. Unlike other kush strains, this one didn’t make me that sleepy and I found myself feeling medicated for much longer than I usually do (3h rather than 1h). Initially, I treated this stain as a late-evening kush for sleep, but I quickly changed it to a mid-afternoon or early evening strain. It sparks ideas and left me so aware that I didn’t want to miss any of them.

purple flower blast
philosophical journey
blissful clarity

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Parkerman reviews OGI AK-47 by OrganiGram:

For over 3 1/2 years sleeping more than hour at a time was almost impossible.
Nights where awful for me. Waking 3 to 8 times a night from excruciating neurological pain.
I would need to pee 5 to 8 times due to enlarged prostate.

Spasticity was another problem I needed to address. With a diet of 58 daily pills and more. Nothing seemed to help me. It also led to be a zombie during the day from sleep deprivation and the huge load of meds and narcotics. When I began the medicinal cannabis treatment little by little I tapered of many of these negative side effects caused by all of them pills. I was able to reduce my pharmaceutical medication along with the cannabis to less than 18 pills daily. The AK-47 has literately turned it all around. No more waking in agony of feeling I would loose bladder control. My spasticity is now under control.

I am grateful of the sales team at Organigram for suggesting this wonderful strain. Being a first time user I was oblivious to what strain would help me make my night a dream rather than a nightmare.

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Purple kush reviews Leonidas by Tweed:

Ok it is a close tie between this and mayberry, and or clarence, almost as good as mayberry but cheaper, so this may be the better value! And much better than houndstooth! it is nice looking medium size dense buds, smaller than houndstooth, with a good cure, kind of dark green In color with orange hairs.
Nose and turpines:
upon opening the jar , I got a earthy but sweet sativa kind a smell,,it kinda reminds me of the houndstooth.., funny this had more lemon taste though!
Medicating Qualities :
I found this strain was good for daytime and evening use , it has an energetic feel to it, clear cerebral high , that winds down to a relaxing pain numbing stone! It is pretty strong but more mellow than houndstooth , i think i much prefer this! helped with my anxiety as well as any social anxiety, depression and pain, this strain is very good, as I would buy this again . No couch lock or burn out!
Buying Experience : at $ 6 dollars/gram this is a pretty good bye!
I like the whole Tweed Customer service team they are there to provide me with quality info and take care of any issue I have. 5 star rating for customer service
Shipping :
Tweed shipping is free with my purchase of there quality marijuana. it is very fast and discreet!

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