Women Grow Toronto Launches This Week

September 8, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Women Grow, an organization that places its focus on ‘connecting, educating and empowering diverse leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry’, is growing all over the United States. In June, the first Canadian chapter launched in Vancouver, and you guessed it, Toronto is next.

Women Grow seeks to empower and support women’s participation in this rapidly growing industry. As Jazmin Hupp, Co-founder and Executive Director of Women Grow explains, “With its rapidly expanding network of female leaders, Women Grow will provide a substantial contribution to the success of women involved in the cannabis industry”.

On Thursday, September 10th, women and men from all over the cannabis industry in the GTA will be meeting for the inaugural event – a ‘Signature Networking Event’. The speaker for this event includes mom-turned-accidental-activist, Mandy McKnight, mother of Liam McKnight. Lift has previously covered the story of Liam and his family, a seven year old boy with Dravet Syndrome who reached the end of conventional treatments without relief, and turned to cannabis. McKnight has also been featured on a variety of news outlets both locally and nationally, including CBC’s Power and Politics, where she was a strong voice against the federal regulations that only allowed cannabis in dried form.  Go Moms!

Attendees can also expect information on Women Grow as an organization and how it works, a small presentation (by yours truly) on the importance of women supporting women in the industry, and a networking period with light snacks and refreshments.

I’ve been lucky enough to sit on the organizing board with some amazing ladies in this industry. Not just those who work or run Licensed Producer or dispensaries, but rather a range of diverse experiences and voices such as patients, mothers, caregivers, edible artisans, cream and topical creators, and so many more.  There are also women interested in starting business in this industry, but looking for support and other experiences to help establish best practices. It’s refreshing to see such a supportive community, and the opportunity to meet some amazing women in the Toronto area that I previously had not connected with.

growWomen Grow in Canada is still in its infancy, but the Toronto Chapter recently had the chair of the Vancouver Chapter, Shega A’Mula, join us at the last meeting before the launch to share experiences, tips and ideas. “This is the kind of collaboration we were hoping for – a network of women not just in the Toronto area, but now across Canada,” says Lisa Campbell, chair of the Toronto chapter. The final meeting before the launch was full of ideas and passionate discussion– Women Grow Toronto will have no shortage of workshops, discussions and social events, with things such as topical workshops, yoga class and baking classes, in addition to the Signature networking events, in the works.

Don’t be mistaken, Women Grow also encourages males in the industry to attend and support the events. “While our focus is, of course, on women in the industry, part of making that a success is having everyone come together to celebrate the successes of women in this space,” says Campbell. “I hope to see many familiar faces not only in order to foster valuable connections and professional opportunities, but also to support the high demand for women in this industry to have their voices heard”.

Moving forward, Women Grow Toronto and Vancouver will meet the first Thursday of each month. Tickets for the Women Grow Toronto Launch are on sale here, and the event will take place from 6 to 9 pm at the Centre for Social Innovation. This first event in Toronto will be sponsored by MJ Creams, and will have snacks provided by Unicorn Brand Food, so expect to go home with some lovely samples as well.

If you’re west and want to be a part of this growing network of women in Vancouver, Women Grow Vancouver will have their next event on September 10th as well, and you can find tickets here.

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