MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Sep 6 – 12

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AOK reviews Panache (Strawberry Cough) by Aphria Inc.:

This is the 2nd review I’ve written about “Panache,” which is Aphria’s name for Strawberry Cough. I previously gave this strain a really low score, but grew to like the effects and wanted to change my rating. Unfortunately, Lift doesn’t make it easy to amend scores, so I decided to write a 2nd review.

I ordered 10 g and was pleasantly surprised when I opened my bottle. Unlike the last bottle, which was a darker green/very dry/lacking trichomes, this batch is mostly light green nuggets with some trichomes and orange hairs. These nuggets have some light crystals, but they’re not as frosty as the “Tamarcouta” (Girl Scout Cookies) strain that I ordered a few weeks ago.

Panache has hints of diesel and an earthy scent. The buds are quite leafy and it has a peppery/piney/earthy taste. I vapourize all my cannabis and have found this strain to be the least tasty strain that I have ordered.

But, what Panache lacks in looks and taste, it more than makes up for in effects.

I like this strain because it’s great for the morning or daytime use. It has subtle euphoric effects; I sometimes find myself laughing at random things after vapourizing Panache. But, unlike some Sativa strains that make the mind race, Panache has very smooth, uplifting, and relaxing effects. I don’t feel totally energized on Panache, but I feel alert and find that I can focus for long periods of time on different work tasks. I do notice that it also stimulates my appetite.

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kathou1303 reviews Blend by OrganiGram:

Great strain, great blending – this product is strong, consistent and inexpensive. Great for either making your own edibles or packing directly into a vaporizer without any processing – convenient.

The effects were great all around, helped with my pain and stress, inflammation. I think this strain would be especially good for conditions where pain and inflammation are symptoms, such as Arthritis and Crohn’s diseases. But I am not a doctor. The effects last a long time.

I think a good blend can bring out an entourage effect, where different cannabanoid profiles come together and compliment each other – leading to a great all around high that feels mellow but completely therapeutic. I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for a basic all around strain to experiment with. It just makes me feel better, but I can go on with my day.

5 out of 5 is all I have left to say

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BethJensen reviews Master Kush by Canna Farms:

This is my first batch of Master Kush from Canna farms, it has a very nice smooth and spicy flavour, It feels nice and fresh, (I think it will vape like a dream, perhaps an update will follow) it has hints of a fruity flavour as well, it tastes and feels quite dense with THC.
The draw was surprisingly easy on the throat for such a dense bud, some facial and mouth numbness was noticeable quite quickly, this strain is quite noticeably potent in it’s immediate effects. It gives me a nice light all over stone and reduces my pain level enough so that I can function and even do housework. ( Pain level 8 –> 5 )
It seems to have helped a little with swelling, and quelling nausea, this seems like it could help me quite a bit on a lot of the things that keep me from / limit my activity. This strain helps me keep my energy levels up, and for that AA+.  <3 -B

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