MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Sep 20 – 26

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nagchampa reviewsSuper Lemon Haze by Broken Coast Cannabis:

Broken Coast Cannabis’ Super Lemon Haze offering, “Texada”, is a real treat.

Broken Coast has captured the essence of Haze in Texada. This is a true amphetagreen / amphetaweed; guaranteed to move you. The buds have a typical Haze structure, with large, loose calyxes surrounded by splendid, colourful pistils. A nice dusting of trichomes make the flowers nicely sticky-icky, and they’re cured to perfection.

Oh, the terpene profile! Again, the lovely fruity Super Silver Haze notes come through and linger with the Lemon Skunk’s pininess under a sweet lemon overtone from both parents. The flavour when using my tabletop vape is exquisite, akin to flowery, foresty lemonade. Smoked in a bubbler, lovely flavour once again (please use clean glass for best flavour!). The Lemon Skunk parentage make this strain a wee bit stanky, so have incense, a fan, or a smoke buddy near by if you burn and have unpleasant neighbours!

Though I’ve yet to sample BCC’s other Sativa offerings, this might be their real amphetagreen. I vaped roughly .3 gm after walking this morning and within minutes my flagging energy lifted, an appetite arrived, and I was able to eat & complete some tasks. I felt very physically comfortable with moderate pain relief. Both parents are very uplifting strains and it shows in the Super Lemon Haze / Texada, which is both energizing and mentally clarifying, and provides an ability to focus on tasks, all without inducing anxiety. The identifiable effects, combined with my morning RSO dose, lasted about 4 hours, which is exceptional for an inhalant.

This is a great go-to strain for uplifting spirits without anxiety, acute pain relief, appetite stimulation, and becoming motivated to undertake and focused on completing tasks. Definitely not recommended for use before sleep, unless you enjoy kickboxing under the covers!

I’m very pleased with my 1st order from Broken Coast Cannabis. Each jar I open contains top shelf product of a quality I expect to find here in the very competitive Cannabis Dispensary marketplace in Vancouver BC, but certainly didn’t find with my first LP (Aphria). Registration and ordering is simple, I had delivery within 48 hrs, the company has creative, no-frills packaging (no glass bottles, boxes & bows for $ 15/gm here), free or low-cost shipping, and an informative, easy-to-navigate website. Finally, the cost of the Texada / Super Lemon Haze strain, at $ 7.25/gm, is very good (considerng how much this system forces us to pay). I would expect to pay ~ $ 8-$ 10/gm at a Vancouver medical cannabis dispensary.

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mturkshane reviews Paddington (sour tangie) by Tweed:

I ordered this and unfortunately did not realize it was MILLED. All other strains on Tweed’s website were typically labelled right in their name while this was not. After receiving my order I went back and the only place was the top right of the product information sheet saying it was milled. Oh well, my bad for not reading I just got so excited for something new with such high THC.

Packaging is top drawer for anyone not used to Tweed you get a sealed brown jar with child proof lid, packed in a box, wrapped and sealed in cellophane and then packaged and shipped in an express post bag mailer. 2 days from order to arrival.

Upon opening the container I got hit with a heavy sour diesel smell, I could not get any citrus or pine hints out of it at all.
However after loading my bowl I could smell a hint of citrus or pine on my hands.

Using the Arizer Q, 225C, warmed for about 5 mins. 4 deep drags straight from the whip. Very diesel to me with that typical “Tweed” after taste. Was hoping for citrus/pine but so be it. The higher potency certainly worked fast. After about 10mins I could start to feel the medication working in my body. My mind didn’t get very hazy, but I certainly could feel it in my brain, but my body pains came down quite nicely and the terrible stress and aniexty day started to feel manageable.

Pretty impressed with the rapid action. I went about coding and was pretty focused. Not sure if it is coincidence but a nagging pain in my lower back significantly reduced in pain. Productivity +2!

After about 30mins I took another 4 deep drags. Unlike other reviewers I got loads of clouds, much more than the first few pulls. Taste has mellowed so I cannot discern much, it is pretty smooth though.

Felt nice and enlightened for about an hour, but the affects quickly diminished so I had to go back for more.

Overall its better than other milled strains I have tried, I just wish it lasted longer or it could be a great go-to daytime strain.

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Serendipity reviews Nebula II by CannTrust:

I recently splurged on a vaporizer (the Extreme Q by Arizer) in hopes to 1) lower any health concerns from smoking marijuana and 2) be more efficient with my prescription. I decided to try CannTrusts’s Nebula II CBD strain, more specifically their pre-milled strain. For only $ 3.50 a gram (plus an additional 30% off because I’m on the second tier of their patient assistance program) this strain packs quite the useful punch. I use it mainly during the day when I need to get work done. Once my joints start acting up, I put a pinch or so into my vaporizer. While it doesn’t completely get rid of the pain like some higher THC strains do, it definitely provides a numbing sensation that makes the pain a lot easier to bear. From my experience so far, it works best when your pain is moderate or less (maybe a 5-6 on the pain scale or less). Once your pain starts getting more unbearable, it still will numb it a bit, but it’s not nearly as effective. It also seems to be a great relaxer without giving you a huge ‘high’ which is why I do find it quite useful during the day. The only thing I wasn’t very impressed with, was that the pre-milled product does have quite a bit of stem in it. While grinding is too painful most of the time now, I kind of thought that CannTrust would sift out the bigger/useless particles before filling up the prescription bottles.

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