MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Sep 13 – 19

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The Lorax reviews After Dinner by Hydropothecary:

The first thing I noticed with this (and all Hydropothecary products) is how tight and dense the buds are. Lots of nice crystal a a pleasant sweet grapefruit smell.

On one side, I like how Hydropothecary brands their products in time of day categories, it makes it very simple for anyone that is new to medicinal cannabis…. On the other side, I somewhat dislike the lack of strain information that they provide, I would like to be able to compare these to similar strains from other LPs.

I believe the After Dinner strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, but I’m not sure. I found it worked well for pain, and had some relaxing, calming effects… But it did not send me to sleepy town, so if you want a nice relaxing strain to chill out around the house with… This is a good one, but you will likely need to medicate again in a couple hours with a heavier indica if you’re planning to go to sleep.

Overall a nice strain.

Big downside? Hydropothecary is the most expensive Provider I have seen at $ 15 per gram. Now that price includes one day shipping, and they have no minimum order size… But still… You can find strains as good and better than this one, for a much better price from other providers. I will not be purchasing this strain again for only that reason.

The presentation and packaging from Hydropothecary is something to mention. Everything arrived in a nice gift box, with a ribbon… All in glass jars that block odor completely. I personally don’t care about the packaging, but somebody might like the extra effort.

Also important to note that Hydropothecary has absolutely fantastic customer service. Knowledgable, pleasant and helpful. I wish money was no object.


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CosmicEntity reviews Mettrum Green N°2 by Mettrum Ltd.:

This was my first experience with medical marijuana. I wanted something noob-freindly that wouldn’t knock me on my ass but would still give me all I needed from a therapeutic standpoint. Green No. 2 (GodBud 3) delivered in full.

My 5g bottles arrived promptly and – from my limited experience – were packed with tidy small-to-medium sized nugs. Fairly sticky, and deliciously fresh smelling, like pine. I don’t know enough about proper bud structure to give you a description of trichomes and all of that, I just know that the stuff seemed very appealing.

Shredded it up, and it was super fluffy and seemed to grow in volume beyond what I had put in the shredder. Nice. Packed a Davinci Ascent chamber with a good helping (.3g, maybe a little more?) and vaped it at 370. Really, really nice. Tasted of pine, and maybe a whiff of skunk in the air, but not the taste. I’ve heard when it’s smoked and not vaped there is a bit of a sour, fruity taste too, but the vape just gives you super fresh tasting pine and green.

Didn’t get a lot of head high from it which was what I wanted, at least for the early days. Definitely switched off the nausea, and I do mean switched, like instantly. I was stunned at the difference. Whereas I normally feel foggy-headed and sick for a good 24-48 hours after my medication alone, the Green No2 basically switched me right back to normal.

Definite body effect from the GodBud3; inflammation went down and obvious analgesic effects. The high CBD content (11%) seems to balance out the head-high effects of the moderately low THC (7%) , so you just get the best of both sides of the medicine, and are still fully able to function. I found it made me a little “happier” all around, a little easier to get along with, but nothing that felt like it was “drug induced”. It just felt like, I haven’t felt “good” in a long time, and I do right now, so I’m happy.

After a good size session with the vape I get about 2 hours of the easy going, happy vibe, which then fades and leaves another 2 -2 1/2 hours of the nice body feeling. I don’t get any come-dow or crash. This is medicine, and it works. If you’re on the fence about trying this avenue of treatment, I urge you to try it. People have been fighting hard for a long time for you to have the right to benefit from this medicine, and they’ve been doing it because it works. Don’t be afraid, and don’t force yourself to suffer needlessly because of stigma or antiquated, preconceived notions. The tide is turning.

This is the safest starting point I can imagine; all the benefits with none of the stuff you might be worried about.

Oh yeah, and if you’re not already a smoker, make sure you vape. If you’ve got health conditions that have brought you here, you don’t need to compound them with combustion byproducts.

I’ll be tinkering with some other strains, and maybe even doing some blends to customize my routine, but Green No. 2 is and will continue to be my go-to. It changed my life, and I hope it does for you too.

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Frankiebonez reviews Alaska by MedReleaf:

Frank Medewar Owner and founder of InfoCannabis Inc. strain review: Alaska (originally developed by Tikun Olams team from Israel. A pioneer in the Medical Marijuana Industry)

Upon first glance, this Sativa Dominant Alaska is nothing special to look at nor smell. Dark green bud, orange hair and some purple leaf. A faint hint of the skunk aroma first tickles the nose as you unseal the cap, but quickly dissipates as does the lingering urge for that sweet old school smell. She then grows on you as you realize she is just masked behind her own beauty. She becomes more wonderful to look at and smell. Same as the medicine she provides, it was a fantastic pharmaceutical and side effect free experience.

A simple handheld grinder busts up .333/gram. I always use doses of .333/gram. This ensures that I get 3 uses from each gram of the Medical Marijuana Strain that I use.

I Usually puff for about 2 minutes straight which leaves about half a regular sized joint left. I start to feel the effects, heavy on the head, as if someone started to press lightly on my head…but almost immediately focusing the pain in my neck and lower left quadrant of my right shoulder away to some non existent place that I could no longer feel. This pain arriving from the vehicle roll over accident that I unluckily took part of back in July of this summer. I feel the trigger, the transfer of that exact moment where the pain in my body suddenly vanishes because of a Trigger from the Medical Marijuana that took the focus away from the actual pain and stored it deep down in between my eyes where I have not felt this couch locked in years, yet oddly awake, alert and functioning. In fact making the urge to provide this play by play as its happening right now grow and grow. Manifesting into this Monstrous beast of an untimely, unofficially, yet official, and in no sense of the word, am I an educated writer mess of a blog.

About finished the medicine now. Its a tolerable first 6 minutes, cotton mouth has set in. I can barely talk, if i open my paste ridden mouth I would surely hear a loud smacking sound. Off to drink some water. Oddly I do not need food. Normally the need to want to eat is there. Strange, it is not this one time. Even more strange is that I am always hungry in the morning, yet today I am farther from wanting to eat, and so delved into expressing my thoughts down on a word file. Whatever happened to paper. If I go down that road right now, I digress.

10 minutes in * I’m surprised…an odd slight tingling and heat sensation at the tips of each strand of body hair if that even makes sense. Its a wonderful warm embracing heat….. Its a neat feeling for the 12 seconds that it lasts for, but again, allowing my fingers and toes to wiggle and move more freely. A sort of automatic stretching on my limbs and ligaments. Very interesting to feel this level of flow within your body. Connecting. Virtually pain free in the areas where previously there was pain. For a Sativa Dominant strain It sure had many Indica characteristics. I am however completely unbiased all the time, and will provide my exact thoughts without favoritism. Yet, I can only, for the time being provide feedback on strains from MedReleaf and Broken Coast, as they are my licensed producers. With that being said, in my lower back where there is excruciating pain at times, I felt lots of relief and the loss of discomfort for the first time in 3 days. A FANTASTIC thing. With no side effects. Nothing more clearly sidetracked than my own thoughts. Why isn’t this more widely accepted? Why do people waste their hard earned money on the black market stuff that is obviously just no where near the standards of Medical Grade Marijuana, is BEYOND ME! Especially since there are producers out there making it cheaper to purchase from their shop, vs. the black market street weed. Not only that, you use less medication when its better medication. That speaks volumes in this industry.

As someone having researched the effects vs. side effects prescription drugs that I could take and the adverse effects, not to mention the cost associated with each product, and understanding what I was getting myself into, along with my Dr. we chose a special alternative treatment, Medical Marijuana. I can openly say with all the confidence in the world, that Medical Marijuana is the way to go, especially if you hate smoking, because now, with all the new extraction technologies and being able to administer the medication directly to yourself is easier than ever before. There’s no more need to smoke. In figuring out that Technology, the world unleashed a beast upon us, chalk full of oils, shatters, waxes, sprays and holy waters. It can be so confusing at first when figuring out your routine and medical preferences. I prefer many variations. 1 month, l vape, the next I will ingest. Following that I may smoke and coil only. In there, is what truly makes this industry so fantastic, it promotes variety.

I for one have no negative opinion about this medication, in fact I believe the people that I am starting to feel bad for are the ones popping pills secretively and openly. There’s so much good that comes from this medication from cerebral awakenings to the automatic pain tolerance it provides once the receptors are triggered. It lasted from 8:12 am until 10:13 Am, before the initial reaction wore off. What was even more interesting, is how quickly the time went by. In the matter of minutes, I wrote this and 2 hours has passed. I’m in awe. Alaska, for me, is all about the FOCUS, THE PAIN RELIEF AND THE TIME LAPSE that happens after smoking it. Remember everyone is different, what works for me, and how it works for me, may not necessarily work for you. Though I do not feel that it is worthy of a $ 15/gram price tag. Photos are untouched, no flash.

My hats off to MedReleaf for growing yet another marvelous species.

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