MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Sep 27 – Oct 3

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someguy333 reviews OG Kush by Tilray:

A giant nug was what took up most of the 5g bag I received.

Smells like fresh cut cedar wood and earthy.
Tastes like spicy, earthy, piney wood, a little buttery.

This batch was 23.1% THC. This is my first experience with OG Kush so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

For me I find this to be a very sativa like high. My mind is active, ready to work, creative. I want to do something with my time and I have no interest in being lazy (probably wasn’t the best strain for me to use this late in the day). The dreamy euphoria is great but not distracting, I feel focused. There seems to be no paranoia. I was hoping for more body effects to treat my back pain but it has mild pain relief. Setting pain aside I do feel as if this strain has good anti-inflammatory effects. My body feels relaxed but not tired.

Based on my experiences I would recommend this as a strain to use during the day if you want to get work done. It treats my anxiety and relieves some inflammation which creates a bit of pain relief. It’s probably good for depression but I wouldn’t know. I really enjoyed this strain and I can see why it’s popular.

I would consider buying it again but I feel as if this strain should be priced between $ 8-$ 9 per gram, not $ 11.

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AmeriCanadians reviews Acapulco Gold by Whistler Medical Marijuana:

This review is for Whistler Medical Marijuana’s Acapulco Gold. I had ordered this strain a few times and never could sit down long enough to actually write a review. However, while smoking this sativa I did get all kinds of work done outside like gardening, trimming trees, you name it, I was getting it done while smoking Acapulco Gold. So I guess I am saying this is a very motivation sativa strain in my book. Let’s talk about it a bit shall we?

First of all, WMMC is still one of the better kept secrets out there. They don’t do social media, you won’t see their info at prescribing clinics and they don’t buy customers. I think I might be their most vocal customer, so folk, let me tell ya, WMMC grows great weed!

So after a month plus of enjoying a few batches of Acapulco Gold I was finally able to hide indoors during a snowy day and get to writing about this weed. Acapulco Gold is an “old school” strain that my wife and remember in our Jr and “High” school days in Los Angeles county. Today Acapulco Gold would be called a “landrace” strain, which refers to a local variety of cannabis that has adapted to the environment of its geographic location and has been genetically isolated. I remember the color of the hairy pistils usually aligned with the names, so Acapulco Gold had yellow hairs, Panama Red has red hairs, Alaska Thunderfuck white hairs and I can’t remember if Maui-Wowi had bluish hairs or not:)

Back to Acapulco Gold, when I opened up my WMMC green prescription jar I was greeted by what I thought was a very distinct earthy musky smell, and not much else. No fruity smells or ammonia / diesel that I could notice. It was pure and pleasant. Full disclosure I did wait 24 days to finally review this strain, so it’s possible there were other smells going on that I might have missed. But I doubt it!

When looking at the buds I saw olive drab type greens and if you looked carefully, you can see the “Gold” highlights in cannabis itself plus orange pistils that could lean towards yellow under the right light, Acapulco Gold indeed.

This “review batch” was a bit spindly compared to previous orders, but I think it was just a few random buds that just didn’t score as well as all the buds I SMOKED! The buds did have plenty sugary trichrome development, but just didn’t look like the golf ball on a tee kind of trichromes that really get a cannoisseur stoner excited! None the less, when I shredded up the buds, there was a nice oily resin present. I ground up a few buds by hand and loaded up my testing bowl. I’m old school I guess, but I still “smoke” my weed more than any other method. (I haven’t found a vape to make my head go boom, yet :)

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, my biggest challenge was sitting still once I started smoking Acapulco Gold. For weeks I would load a bowl of this super sativa and would always find myself out doing my list of things. So it’s a motivating marijuana strain in my book, it has true Sativa properties. Each time I took a hit I could tell this was strong weed that was getting the job done.

I really enjoyed the buzz from this Acapulco Gold strain, it had coffee like properties and definitely kept me moving and shaking. I was motivated, happy, and blasting some fun tunes to boot. This would be a good social party strain. I hadn’t smoked herbs for 8+ hours before (sleeping) this strain review, so it was easy to notice the positive effects.

I rated this 4 of 5 stars because of numerous factors including: Organic marijuana, pure Sativa traits, easy on the lungs smoke, great buzz that was long lasting. It would hit 5 stars if density was greater, maturity perfectly timed, yellow traits came through more.

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@AgriConsult reviews iCann Ultra Forte Plus 16 (Kade’s Kush) by MariCann:

Another powerful indica backed offering from Maricann and their sun fired greenhouses in Southern Ontario. The growing teams are utilizing an amended soil farming system that delivers on taste, potency and burn quality.

None of the flowers have been irradiated and the 10g bottle arrived with good sized buds and all bottles received had retained good environment and the flowers were nice to the touch. The smell is a unique fresh sweet fruit like aroma that belies its powerful trichome packed effects.

This is a strong strain for pain and sleep and has a great taste when smoked or vaporized. I used an Arizer on 205 and a water pipe to titrate , the flowers are flushed well and burns nicely. The smoke is thick and carries a sweet smell on exhalation.

Have had the unique opportunity to see this flower growing in soil, meet the growing team and now have on my shelf as a medicine for chronic pain. I am a huge fan of greenhouse grown cannabis and the cost benefits it can and will provide cannabinoid consuming patients in Canada. While this Kades Kush is not inexpensive and represents their most expensive offering its unique flavour and effect illustrate a very well grown and prepared ~28% THC (3rd party testing). On second exhale through nose and mouth the full flavour and effect was almost instantly relaxing and ‘full kick’ in 15 mins for body, this really settles you down for the night.

For medical patients seeking a range of high THC options under our MMPR, MariCann provides users a great tasting, pain numbing experience and super powerful soil grown cannabis from their family owned farm. Prices range from $ 4 to this most expensive offer at $ 11.

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