MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Oct 4 – Oct 10

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AOK reviews Erie by Aphria Inc.:

I ordered a 10 gm bottle of “Erie” (LSD) last Friday. It arrived early this morning.

As I opened the bottle, I was hit with a very strong citrus-pine sol smell. In whiffs, it almost reminds me of lemon-scented Vicks VapoRub. The buds are light green and most are covered in small yellowish trichomes. There are some nice orange hairs interspersed in the bud. The buds are also light and fluffy.

I vapourized this bud and noticed that it didn’t really have a distinct taste. I’ve tried Panache (Strawberry Cough) and Tamaracouta (Girl Scout Cookies) from Aphria in the past; both of those strains have a more immediate and distinctive taste profile. Erie (LSD) was somewhat bland. It could also mean that it is a smoother strain for folks who smoke this. But, I didn’t get the same citrusy or piney taste upon vapourizing, which was a little bit of a disappointment.

But, what this strain lacks in taste, it makes up for in effects. I was initially drawn to this strain because people have reported that it gives users the best of both indica and sativa effects.

I immediately felt the positive benefits of this strain’s hybrid DNA. At first, I felt my body relax. My neck, back, and shoulders started to feel a little warm and heavy. And then, I found myself smiling widely, almost uncontrollably. I also felt like this strain has an “overpowering” quality, where I felt “out of it” at first.

5 minutes later, I was outside and I noticed a soaring, euphoric head rush. The colours of trees, leaves, and plants were bright and vivid. I didn’t have the “psychedelic” effects that some patients report when medicating with “LSD”, but I did feel blissful and sort of lost in my own world.

I think this is a great strain for days when you don’t have too many responsibilities. It’s a very relaxing and simultaneously cerebral strain.

Aphria is running a promotion where many of there strains are discounted this month. I got this for $ 4.99/gram and will definitely order this strain again.

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Serendipity reviews Pennylite by CannTrust:

Wow — this strain might be just what I’m looking for! With low THC % and a decent CBD % (2.5), this strain seems to be a great option for daytime use. The CBD is great for mild to moderate pain and the low THC content makes it easy to stay focused and get whatever needs to be done, done. This is one of the two new strains that were just released by CannTrust, and from my experiences thus far, it was well worth the wait. The bud size is the biggest I’ve seen yet from CannTrust, with a ton of crystals and a sweet/earthy smell. Compared to the Nebula II CBD, I much prefer the effects of this strain. Of course, I will be comparing it to the other upcoming strains, but for now, this and White Widow are probably my favourite symptom management options for daytime use. It’s also a pleasure to vape, with the taste quite similar to the initial smell. If you are on the fence, I definitely recommend giving this one a try!

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ZDogg420 reviews Erez by MedReleaf:

This was my first purchase with MedReleaf and I must say I am very impressde with both the product and the service. First and foremost the strain: the smell is cheesy almost chemically not unlike OG Kush or other ChemDawg based strains, the flavour is extremely hashy with a hint of that cheerse/chemical aroma. Now on to the medical effects; worked wonders for my IBS, took away my lower back pain, relaxing helped with anxiety associated with asperger. This strain, has an extremely euhphoric “high” which was excellent for my depression. If it was on special offerl for $ 7.50 a gram again I would definitely purchase again as the usual $ 15.00 a gram is out of my price range as I am on disability.

Also note MedReleaf was nice enough to include a free lockable container which I thought was an extremely nice gesture. 0verall this has been an excellent buying experience ,although I do wish they took other forms of payment other than credit card.

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