MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Oct 11 – 17

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braindamage reviews Emerald No. 11 by Emerald Health Botanicals:

Emerald No. 11 is the Master Kush strain.

I picked this strain to try to sleep better, and it works great for that. My doctor suggested I try Indica strains for insomnia, and this kush was reviewed on the Internet as being good for sleep.

I put .2 grams of ground herb in a cup of soya milk (use your favourite milk), along with cardamon, cloves, chai masala, and some honey. Bring to a boil and steep for 30 minutes. Drink one hour or less before bedtime.

I am very drowsy in the morning when I am usually a morning person, but nothing a cup of java or a walk to work won’t fix.

This is a very relaxing strain, and it gave me a mood lift and a bit of the giggles. It’s so relaxing it helps you get to sleep. It’s very pleasant for night time, but I wouldn’t recommend it for daytime use, unless you want a long nap. :-)

It also relieves by concussion symptoms, so I probably better through the night because of that as well.

This could a go-to strain for me when I want extra help sleeping, but I might try some other strains for insomnia before buying it again. I am still exploring, experimenting.

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Frankiebonez reviews Avidekel by MedReleaf:

Once again the team from MedReleaf has shown why they are right up there as one of the two top Producers in Canada.
With a MASSIVE Honorable Mention to the Fantastic team at Broken Coast. This is of course in my own humble opinion.

Being the owner of InfoCannabis,which not only strives to bring you up to date and current Canadian Cannabis Content only, InfoCannabis is bridging the Educational gap between Dr., Patient, and Licensed Producer in Canada, by providing Industry Leading Educational Services as well as Dr. appointments for those disabled, immobilized or simply to rural to get access to resources such as clinics right from the comfort of their own home, and it’s an important task. InfoCannabis is even for those to shy to go out into the public and seek recommendations in public. We are available across the Country.

I am often asked questions pertaining to recent illnesses, diagnosis, ailments, and which type of strain/ genetics/extractions are the right ones for their particular life changing event.

While I am no Dr. and claim not to be one, I have been helping many people across Canada access a legal from of contaminate free Medication under Canada’s MMPR ( a set of regulations that will help regulate Medical Marijuana in Canada). I am also a patient like many of you. And I have to tell you about Avidekel.

Anyone suffering from any type of cramping, twitching, muscle spasm, or ingestion issues, such as MS, Crohns, Parkinson, anxiety to name a few, should seriously consider using a CBD type flower. In my case I am using the Avidekel Crumble for this review. Here is why crumble is a fantastic product. Because whole flower is expensive. When purchasing Crumble, first from MedReleaf you are saving 3$ /gram. Second, you are getting little broken up bits that fell off the plant during its natural drying and curing phases, all the while not loosing any THC%, or CBD %. This particular harvest, shows 16.96% CBD and .75% THC. Fantastic for those who are not familiar with the THC form, and for those not wanting any stoner feeling (produced from the psychoactive effects of THC) . Again, I use a dosage of .33 of a gram, this ensures that I get three dosages out of one gram. As always I review the medication upon waking up, with an empty stomach, having not eaten or drank anything for at least 9 hrs. A research initiative I wished more studies would follow. This allows me to give a complete and utter non biased judgement on the strain I am reviewing. As always what strains work for me not necessarily work for you in the same way causing the same effect.

Upon smoking the crumble, I have no instant gratification. I am so used to trying out THC, or mixes of THC and CBD. But I have never had the opportunity to smoke a virtually THC free flower until today.
Where is that normal effect I am so used to watching out for? The taste is interesting as well, it reminds me a standing outside of Jay Peaks main lodge in my swimming trunks having a Marlboro cigarette in the dead of Winter right before running back into the Aquatic park to slam my face right down into the Flow rider base, which hurts like heck. Not an easy task to master. Obviously the crumble has not lost its appeal to easily digress.

Within 5 minutes I felt this calming inside of me. Perfect those those morning Jitters from anxiety. The pain I would feel upon first waking up and the need to want to do 20 things within 3 minutes, or my day is a complete failure, has for the first time in about 5 years left my body, mind and spirit. This can’t be. The feeling of being so anxious that I want to throw up is no longer there? wait, there is a slight EMPTY feeling to my stomach. Its growing quick and kind of hurts for a split second. WOW. I feel hungry. This is not supposed to be the case here. I am not a breakfast person at all. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you this. I am, going to get something to eat for breakfast for the first time in about 2 years. I am blown away. Its not the THC hungry feeling either, it is that legitimate morning hunger pain, but intensified, basically my body is begging me to eat like never before. At times we have to pay attention to this.

It has now been 25 minutes and my bowl of granola, milk and raw honey has hit the spot. This is a lot for me to say. I know that many suffering from similar Anxiety issues have similar feelings towards eating during the morning, because it can be physically and mentally impossible at times.

The calming effects over my entire body, especially within my stomach, the tremors that I have to deal with from the Anxiety, that usually last about an hour or so every morning, is non existent. The feeling of wanting to “be sick” after eating or during eating, was non existent, in fact I truly enjoyed the refreshing, calming nature of the breakfast for the first time in years.

As for the calming effects over my body, there was a slight THC rush at the very beginning, someone trying this specific strain for the first time, never having tried any form of Cannabis prior would feel a slight THC effect. it then grew to last for about 45 minutes (THC style effect – but very minimal – I mean minimal) and In fact it may be a wonderful precursor to introducing THC into a daily routine. What is striking me most importantly, is the fact that the feelings are gone, and I mean, see ya, out of here gone. This truly is a miracle plant.

Day 2. It works. day two of breakfast was phenomenal, eggs, bacon, toast, the whole nine yards. I wonder what this does for patients with Crohns? I can see many benefits of this strain for patients with Crohns. I am also realizing the benefits it has for individuals with Anxiety. This Medication didn’t take away any Physical Chronic Pain (as in arthritis, ligament, or tissue pain), let me be perfectly clear here, But it does do something so remarkably wonderful. Those physical shakes that people with anxiety get, the constant need to do 20 things at once, all gone. No wonder people are saying this CBD stuff is a breakthrough. Yet our Dr’s are still hell bent on classifying Medicinal Marijuana as a last resort treatment? That needs to change. Marijuana Should be a first line of defense, and if Marijuana doesn’t work, then you get stuck with your opioids and your dangerously addictive prescription pills.

Not that this matters but there is some hermaphroditic traits in the crumble. I have a bunch of seeds in the container, of which I showed two in the photos.

My hats off to MedReleaf yet again on a phenomenal harvest.

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FischPrice reviews Cannatonic by Tilray:

This was my first time (intentionally) purchasing a high CBD strain. This was second order from Tilray so I wanted to sample such a high potentcy. I’m sure I’ve had high CBD strains in the past, again – just unknowingly.
First impression, to be honest, wasn’t fantastic. The first few buds I pulled out of the bag were pretty loose, shaggy and not trimmed overly well. I guess I was busy inspecting all the other smaller buds to see if everything was like that or just these first few I happened to grab… when I snapped out of it and realized how COVERED in frosty trichomes these nugs were. Ab-so-lutely covered, I couldn’t believe that wasn’t the first thing I had noticed. It has a pungent order of pine and earth with a taste to match. I found the high to be quite heady, really up in the eyes with a good over all feeling of relaxation. How can you go wrong, 14.4% THC and 10.5%, you can’t. I ended up really liking this strain and will definitely order again in the near future.

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