MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Oct 18 – 24

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m1kek9 reviews TWD LOT#2 (Proprietary Strain) by Tweed:

I was really excited when I saw that TWD Lot #2 became available again. When it was first released maybe 3-4 months ago it was only available in the shop for a day or two and was sold out before I ever got a chance to order any. I was terribly disappointed at the time. However, when it popped back in the shop months down the road they have somehow further tweaked the potency and now it is at 21.10%. I know in today’s cannabis market just breaking the 20% barrier isn’t all that impressive anymore with some strains being upwards of 30%, but THC percentages are really just a number. TWD Lot #2 is honestly quite strong and I couldn’t imagine it, or wouldn’t desire it if it were available any stronger.

I only ordered 5 grams, but promptly ordered more once I realized what I had stumbled across. The buds are nice and healthy looking and of a decent size. They have such a nice looking deep shade of green colouring them with a healthy frost. The only downside to the appearance of the buds were that they were quite leafy. I vaporize everything so I don’t mind throwing in potent leaf with my load. Tweed generally trims everything quite well and it doesn’t look as if they didn’t do a good job, it is more the structure of the buds that don’t allow for effective trimming. What is particularly noticeable with this strain is the size of the trichome glands which are some of the largest I have seem with Tweed. This made for some greasy nugs. And by greasy I mean when you handle them your fingers start get covered in the sweet sticky essence. This is truly some sticky bud. It gums up the scissors and the grinder.

The effects of this are top notch and potent. I highly recommend this strain for the evenings and nighttime as for me it seemed to keep putting me to sleep. I wouldn’t want to smoke this one during the day as it would make you far too slowed down and sleepy. However, it has its purposes because it is a potent relaxation aid and pain reliever. The only thing is that it seemed to startle my anxiety a little in the initial phases of the effects, but it would eventually subside. For someone without anxiety I can see this as being highly effective and even those with it can use it in moderate amounts to find their comfort zone. I have severe anxiety and although it aggravates it slightly, the benefits far outweigh the negatives in this case as I also struggles from significant and persistent chronic pain. As well for those with insomnia issues I could see this as being quite beneficial.

This strain deserves a name of its own and I wish I could know more about the genetics behind this. All we know is that it is bred from two afghan lines that Tweed said combine to create this potent indica. I will be keeping this in my medicine cabinet regularly if it is consistently available. I highly recommend others try this strain if they are struggling to find a quality indica to manage their needs. It is strong, effective and fairly long lasting. Thank you Tweed!

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MichaelMarijauna reviews Warlock by CannTrust:

This is my very first review as well as my first order of Medical Cannabis. I suffered from chronic pain from a fracture as well as anxiety, stress, and panic attacks as well as depression.

Today I will review Warlock. Upon my opening of the container I got hit with a very strong fruity smell. Almost pulled me back for a view good sniffs. I poured the buds out and was very happy with the consistent quality and size of the buds. Then the best surprise came when i busted .05 G and it look liked i busted 2 grams it was so fluffy. The color is a nice green with some orange hairs.

I fired up my Extreme Q vaporizer packed it up and let the fan go. I first noticed a nice thick smoke creep into the bag as it filled. Once full I took a nice large hit and was instantly greeted with a delightful fruity taste and a smooth release of pain from my back. The affects were immediate as i felt stress lifted off my shoulders and i slide back into the couch. I was still able to function enough to watch some TV and throw a vacuum on to clean up the living room.

Over all i am very very happy with this Strain and recommend it to anyone. As for the Producer CannTrust I am very pleased with them on all fronts. Placing any order was painless and easy, the customer service is outstanding, and the shipping is discrete and arrived in 24 hours. The Compassionate pricing program which i will be on next week is the best i have seen to date. Highly suggest this producer.

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someguy333 reviews Jean Guy by Tilray:

I ordered this yesterday and it arrived today. There are many things I like about Tilray but I especially love that for $ 5 I can have delivery to my door by Purolator, usually in less than one business day. I live in Ontario, it ships from BC. That’s impressive! Their customer service and strain selection are pretty top notch, all good reasons why I renewed them as my supplier.

Jean Guy is a unique strain for me to try. I usually select strains known for pain relief and although some sativa strains have that ability, I find the amount of relief I experience is minimal compared to certain hybrids, indicas, and CBD strains. Seeing as Jean Guy promises pain relief I decided to give it a shot as I’m struggling to find good daytime strains that adequately tackle chronic pain without being distracting or spacey. Jean Guy seems to do a decent job at this.

The smell is citrus, earth, and champagne.
The taste is pretty much exactly as Tilray claims on their label. Citrus, Earthy, Lemon. I find I don’t always agree with their flavour profiles. I use a Plenty vaporizer because it really brings out a clean flavour profile.

My photography skills are much to be desired so despite what it looks like in the photo, these buds are pretty frosted. Not the frostiest strain I have ever seen but it’s pretty sparkly.

The effects are quick to hit which is a nice change. Most of the Sativa strains I have tried recently seem to build slowly. It provides a very clean, energizing euphoria which I find very pleasant. I think if I vaped any more than I did, I would have a headache. It’s very easy to focus and work. It isn’t dreamy or spacey like Sour Diesel or Green Cush. I feel like I can get a lot more done and have a better memory using this strain over other sativa strains I have tried recently. The most impressive part is it provides some decent pain relief and it too came on quickly just after the euphoria. I would say the over all pain relief is moderate but this is good compared to other sativa strains.

Because the effects came on so quickly I experienced a little bit of anxiousness but that faded quick. It was a concern I had when I ordered the strain simply because it is believed to be a phenotype of White Widow. If you read my reviews of White Widow, the witch and I usually don’t get along. Jean Guy and I got along just fine and now that I know what it’s all about, I probably won’t experience that anxiousness again.

I would use this as a morning strain. I would buy it again but probably not often at its current price.

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  1. The dude said on May 5, 2017 12:49 pm:

    Tweed lot 2 is a super heavy and sedating strain. Not to worry though as the indica decreases anxiety thus the plausibility of whitening out is very very low. Start slow as its effects feel similar to potent edibles..