MMPR Strain Reviews of the Week Oct 25 – 31

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Ashes80 reviews Belle by Aphria Inc.:

This was my first purchase from Aphria. I had to call to get common names for strains. So here is my review of Belle (Purple Kush)

I decided on this strain as I love how the purple kushy goodness helps with relaxation & sleep induction.

This particular batch had what some would call a low THC % but I prefer my THC around 12ish% its easier on my head.

Once I received my product I was immediately impressed by the container as far as color was concerned but that was as far as I could get with liking the container. Being a large man, I had a REALLY hard time getting two fingers in there to pluck our the goodness. I must say my other LP has me spoiled with the wide mouth containers for their 10g increments.

The aroma that wafted out from the container was very pleasing and strong, there was no doubt that this was the smell of a beautiful Purple Kush. The smell was very thick and almost stuck to you.

I was somewhat shocked at the appearance of the bud I shook out. I had a REALLY hard time trying to identify anything purple about the bud. Again maybe I am spoiled by my other LP as the same strain is indeed no mistake as purple as purple can be.
Pondering the absence of any glaring purple in this bud, I recalled the customer service rep telling me that Belle was a “Purple Kush Variant” So I won’t be as hard on the lack of glaring purple color in these buds.

My choice of consumption is vaporizing. This batch was very nicely cured, leaving the buds to crumble and grind into a very nice fine mix.

The taste of Belle was absolutely amazing. The flavors noted below were so strong & delicious you knew what you were in for !

I chose this strain to help with Sleep related issues associated with PTSD & as well chronic back pain.

I found Belle to be some what of a creeper for me. The onset was very nice,slow & mellow. Personally I don’t enjoy being gobsmacked twisted in the blink of an eye. Belle allowed me to get myself into the proper head space to try and get some rest as the effects came on at a nice pace.

It wasn’t too long before I could feel the pain in my back ease to a murmur that is typically a rage filled scream of a nagging pain for me. Obviously my pain was not completely gone but when you have chronic pain like mine, everything is relative. Belle worked great on dulling that pain.

The onset of sleep is a little harder to provide any insight to as once I realized my back was no longer screaming at me, I drifted into what felt like a warm semi awake snooze that allowed my only a little bit of time before engulfing me in blissful restful sleep.

I am normally one to toss and turn all night and be woke by various genres of dreams, but I do not recall waking up once through the night or any dreams that are worth remarking about.

Upon waking up in the morning, I did feel a little foggy but that quickly subsided with the morning coffee not sure that fog was related to Belle or maybe just me being a touch dehydrated from a recent stomach flu.

In summary Belle is a very aromatic strain that offers significant relief of pain and aids in inducing sleep at a nice pace that allows the user a chance to get situated. Belle also allows for restful sleep by first keeping you in that state once you give into the heavy eyelids, but also by slowing down the mind and giving it a chance to get away from the racing dreams and images.

Highly recommended !

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ScottD reviews Super Lemon Haze by Broken Coast Cannabis:

I want to first start of saying how happy I’m am with my switch to Broken Coast. This will be my 4th LP now, and BC stands out above the others by far. The costumer service that I’ve received has Been great. Free shipping on orders over $ 150. I ordered on Friday and arrived Tuesday morning.

The cannabis they offer is the best example that I have seen from any of the LP’s I’ve dealt with. They don’t irradiate and in my opinion, just as good if not better then what I’ve picked up from dispensaries or the black market. Especially if you consider all the stringent testing that they do in the MMPR for contaminants and what not.

I’ve had Super lemon haze from other sources and BC’s offering is by far the best I’ve seen. One of the main things that stood out to me about the bud was the dryness. All other LP cannabis that I have tried would arrive crumble dry. So I end up having to rehydrated it a bit to make it consumable. But with all of the BC buds I’ve seen, they’ve been nice and Spongy. Still tacky even perfect for producing thick bags in my extreme Q. And I would expect that is a Direct result of letting the buds cure. Which IMO a lot of LP’s don’t put enough emphasis on.

The buds looked to be grown very well. Great golden yellow look coated in trichomes. Nice denseness to the buds as well an-amazing lemon smell and test, that really comes out when vaped. I found the SLH to be a great strain for the daytime. It’s strong enough to help with my pain relief/distraction. But not slow me down mentally at all. I liked the great mood elevation and energy I got from this strain enabling me to keep productive throughout my day.

Great job on this one. I will be cording more of this for sure. And under their compassionate price of $ 6.16/g. Somewhat affordable.

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zig63 reviews Yorkshire by Tweed:

Purchased Tweed’s Yorkshire – Headband – to see if it was a good evening pain reliever since the reiviews seem to indicate it is. I use medical marijuana to manage chronic pain and sleeping disturbances as a result of the pain. I only vapourize using a PAX.

My order arrived quickly and was packaged discreetly as usual. I was glad to see there was less packaging this time, more environmentally friendly. I love the free shipping Tweed offers!!

When I opened the jar of Yorkshire the smell is sour/citrusey and spicy… very nice. The buds were of good medium size, quite dense and full of orange trichomes and frosting. The buds had some stickiness to them and ground up beautifully. The taste did not appeal to me at all…very harsh and chemical/deisel-like. It’s one of the only strains that actually hurt my lungs when I vaped and I found this unpleasant. The effects are felt pretty quickly. I did not get the “headband” feeling this strain is purportedly famous for. I did however get a headache shortly after first vaping which didn’t last too long. The effects last about 2 to 2.5 hours. There is a strong body buzz and there is definitely good pain relief with this strain. I found after about 1 hour I felt sleepy. This is not, in my opinion, a good daytime strain. I did not find it energizing at all and it made me feel pretty groggy. It is good for the evening. To be honest, this strain is good for pain relief and relaxation but no more than Tweed’s Bogart (OG Kush). In fact, I found the overall quality & effects very similar with the two strains and Bogart is $ 6 versus Yorkshire at $ 9. It’s a no brainer for me, I will go for the Bogart over the Yorkshire since it’s two thirds the price.

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