Canada Announces Timeline For Marijuana Legalization on 4/20

May 8, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News


What better way to celebrate 4/20 than to revel in the news from the Ministry of Health: legalization of marijuana is finally coming to Canada. In an address to the U.N today, Canadian Health Minister Jane Philpott announced that a bill to legalize marijuana in Canada is in talks, and will be introduced to parliament as early as spring 2017.

That’s huge!

This announcement follows a survey released from Angus Reid that suggests a majority of Canadians, nearly 70%, support the legalization of marijuana. The aim of this legislation is to keep marijuana out of the hands of children as well as profits out of the hands of criminals, citing that “it’s impossible to arrest our way out of drug abuse”.

This decision could not be any more exciting for us here at Med Pot Now. Not only does this announcement embrace compassionate treatment for medical marijuana, it helps our patients achieve their quality of life even more. And that’s what we founded our non-profit society on: providing high-quality medical marijuana products to legitimate patients who need it.

The future legalization of marijuana means that we will be able to continue maintaining the strictest of protocols in the production and distribution for you. We love providing you with holistic approaches to your concerns. Our team continues to remain dedicated in helping you find the best product for your health, and to be a part of this national change is huge, for us and you.

We are thrilled to celebrate this Canadian milestone and advancement in our country’s policies.

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