How will legal pot be sold? Three things that might happen, and one that won’t

November 10, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Some time after next spring, Canadians will be able to legally buy marijuana for use purely for pleasure.

How will it be sold? That hasn’t been decided, and there’s a lot at stake for the potential players: a CIBC report earlier this year estimated the size of the national recreational cannabis market at up to $10 billion.

Everybody from existing licenced growers to public-sector unions, who would add members if provincial liquor store networks also sold pot, has weighed in. Revenue-hungry governments are hoping for the anticipated $5 billion in pot taxes.

There are four main options (one’s a non-starter, so really there are three):

  • Mail-order from licenced growers
  • Private sector storefronts, maybe based on existing dispensaries
  • Stores run by provincial liquor store systems, maybe or maybe not in the same locations
  • Probably not pharmacies – more on this below

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